About Us


Founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ROGATIVE was inspired by my own travels and experiences living outside of Puerto Rico, including that strong feeling that tugs at your heart when you are away from home. 

ROGATIVE comes from the beautiful bronze statue by Lindsay Daen, La Rogativa. A sculpture that pays tribute to efforts of the townspeople, who joined forces and stopped the 1797 invasion attempt. 200+ years later, La Rogativa still exemplifies the true spirit of Puerto Ricans.

We have joined forces with local artists and craftsman and are committed to rebuilding the local economy. Additionally, we donate 5% of our proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico. They help break the cycle of poverty in the Island by serving over fifteen thousand youth every year.

Our designs tell a story and all of our products pay tribute to the iconic elements of the Island's artistry. This way, we can carry more of Puerto Rico with us, wherever life may lead us.


Gracias y bienvenidos, 

Gloriana López-Lay


LA BOMBA Estudio

Mónica Pérez Castro is a Puerto Rican surface and textile designer. LA BOMBA was established in 2019 to welcome you to a magical world and give you stories that find their place in your everyday life. Inspired by the beauty of everyday life, Mónica creates colorful and fun hand drawn prints that aim to put a smile on your face and add playfulness to your life. Joining Rogative in 2021, Mónica has designed the Collage and Vintage collections. 

Cooperativa Industrial Creación de la Montaña:

Cooperativa Industrial Creación de la Montaña was founded in 2002.  It is a non profit organization that was created to safeguard some of the jobs that were lost in the closing of two big apparel manufacturing factories in the municipality of Utuado, in rural Puerto Rico. 

Since 2019, Rogative has been working with Creacion de la Montaña in bringing to life our beautiful products.

Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico:

Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico offers children and youth hope for a better future and opportunities for them to develop to their full potential.  The after-school programs offers a safe and creative environment for children between the ages of 6-18 to achieve their academic personal and profesional goals in order to attain financial security. 

  • 9 out of 10 BGCPR participants live in poverty.
  • 81% of participants family have annual incomes of less than $15,000. 

If you want  more information about Boys and Girls Club in Puerto Rico or would like to make a donation  please log on to: http://bgcpr.org/en/about-us/

Rogative donates 5% of the profits to this amazing organization.